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Truck Bed Liners


Enjoy the benefits of a new bed liner.

When it comes to applying a permanent liner to the bed of your truck, nothing protects it from the elements like VORTEX® Sprayed On Liner can. The Vortex™ Liner is a blend of Polyurethane and Polyurea materials in a one to one mix. It is a two component, solvent free, and 100% solids product backed with 50+ years of coating technology. This ratio delivers a very hard liner to protect the surface, but is flexible enough so that it will not chip or flake on impact. This industrial coating dries in SECONDS! Vortex provides a great non-skid surface that keeps things in place while still being gentle on delicate cargo, unlike many other abrasive liner brands.

  • Bonds directly to the truck for an airtight seal that prevents rust and corrosion. No water can be trapped between as with a drop-in liner.

  • Strengthens the truck bed and reduces road noise.

  • Unlike a drop-in liner, Vortex will not split, tear, warp, or crack. More importantly, it won't scratch the paint off the bed by vibrating, exposing bare metal.

  • Permanent bond means no risk of being stolen or blowing out from the wind as with other methods of bed protection.

Put our experience to work for you.

Serving the community for over 25 years, we are equipped with the tools and talent to meet your needs. We take pride in providing the professional, detailed service you deserve. If a spray-on liner is not for you, we also carry bed mats, carpeted bed rugs, plastic drop-in bed liners, and even more options! We can also help with grill guards and bed covers, step products, hitches, lifts and leveling kits, Jeep accessories and more! Call us today for more information.

Shield your pickup bed with the best liner in the industry!

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